Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the news have become and weekly event and major companies have been breached. Complex vulnerabilities such as Log4j and RCE have been discovered and publicized before most organizations could respond and the situation is getting worst. Companies are losing control of their infrastructure and personal information because of these vulnerabilities.

– In order to regain control and protect their customer’s data financial organization should implement a layered approach to network security where security measures are taken every step of the way, including at the firewall and endpoint layers.

– Making sure that all points of entry and exit to a network are protected through cloud solutions like cloud based Web Application Firewalls and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions that can be leveraged throughout the organization.

– Taking advantage of solutions that can detect, monitor and block cyber threats before they get in, such as SIEM solutions to reduce cybersecurity risk .

– Removing traditional solutions by implementing software solutions that can enhance the way team members collaborate, share data, conduct investigations, access resources and achieve greater agility across the entire spectrum of their work.

– Making sure that all data has strong encryption is a must to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands

– Using cloud access security brokers (CASB) or cloud access gateways (CAG) deployed on the edge will help further protect the organization from insider threats.

You know the headlines by now. Solarwinds, Okta, Oracle, Kasperski and others have been breached in the last year.

This is a huge problem and with the rise of digitization, the stakes have never been higher.

To make matters worse, with every new story of a breach, there’s another wave of victims as unsuspecting users continue to install vulnerable software and give attackers an easy gateway into their networks.

At CyberBrink, we understand that this wave of security breaches will not stop for some time. Our role as a cybersecurity provider is to help financial companies mitigate their risk exposure and improve their resilience from a Cybersecurity perspective.

In other words, we want to become your Cybersecurity partner and help you create a more secure environment.

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