Russian cyberattacks against Europe and Ukraine companies were discussed at the European Parliament. The cyberwar offensive attack on Europe took thousands of people in Europe offline, caused by a massive internet outage believed to be part of the Russian attack. The attack affected internet and satellite service providers. Also, Ukraine energy companies have also been attacked. Currently various threats and attacks at the same time they are being launched.

40,000 Bigblu subscribers in France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and Poland. 

9,000 subscribers of Nordnet, an internet service provider subsidiary of Orange in France

KA-SAT satellite communications network

According to the latest news, cyber-security companies believe that Russian groups are behind the recent cyber attacks that have led to disruption at a number of major European telecoms operators.The minister of Poland, who said Polish intelligence services informed him last week about ”possible perpetrators”, declined to say more since his comments could reveal sources of information.


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